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It rarely happens that an album will absorb you so much, that you will listen to it without break from beginning to end. However “Yrsa” from Slovak project Bulp is actually an album like that. […] I’m very glad that a record like that was created in the heart of Europe.

source (CZ)
Kultúra Pravda

Slovak album with world-wide quality [Yrsa]. We can say so with no exaggeration not only thanks to English lyrics. It’s a sound with captivating atmosphere, whose power is growing with each listen.

source (SK)

Bulp, a music duo constituting of producer Samuel Štefanec and his sister Jana, was quickly recognized as one of the most interesting names on the scene. Year after their newcomer award, they are coming with their debut album Yrsa. Compared to the EP it’s certain that there is a progress in music production, which is more monumental and hides in itself a lot more sound spaces.

April 2017 issue
Full Moon Zine

Nearly two years after the release of successful single Far Light and EP Endian, project Bulp is releasing its debut album Yrsa on twin label Deadred Records / Starcastic Records. The name carries an Icelandic name, which, much as the record, hides in itself a mysterious power to charm the listener at first glance.

source (CZ)

EP Endian proves that not every electronic music has to be full of melancholy. Simple, catchy melody, stylish decors and have you heard her voice? Distinctive sound is thanks to (and not only) the vocals of Jana Štefancová.

source (CZ)

Slovak producer Bulp (Samuel Štefanec), who is a big discovery of the electronic scene, performed as a support act for HVOB. He flew like a comet from the mycelium of label Deadred / Starcastic. His debut EP Endian released in September will definitely be one of the most successful works of the year 2015.

source (CZ)

The only representative of Slovak music in my top 10 of the year 2015 is a young and talented producer Samo Štefanec, who is hiding under the pseudonym Bulp. (…) It seems like there’s another strong player growing on the scene of Slovak electronic music.

source (SK)

Such a feel good tune [single Far Light]. Beautiful vocals from Jana Stefancova, impeccable sound design and a really catchy melody. This is a breath of fresh air.

source (EN)

Instrumental opener [of the Endian EP] Dune is in fact an ideal enticement, which will gather attention to a work with radio ambitions (in its best meaning). (…) However the biggest surprise will come next. An electronic composition is being recombed by a sound of live violin and cycled with the actual sample mosaic. It climaxes in five and a half minutes in its mutual repetition and alteration of themes and loosely moves into that part of the EP, which surfs on the FM waves.

source (CZ)